A refresh of our own prominent Amy sandal, this flattering looks are supportive and incredibly adjustable, so that it meets a selection of inflammation

A refresh of our own prominent Amy sandal, this flattering looks are supportive and incredibly adjustable, so that it meets a selection of inflammation

All of our a lot of supportive sandal

A refresh of our own common Amy sandal, this flattering looks are supportive and also changeable, so it meets various inflammation. In addition, it fits a somewhat slimmer back since it fastens high-up the toes. The tongue smartly disguises puffiness and stops the laces searching in, as the comfortable, cushioned footbed and stretchy, cushioned elastane lining enhance the general comfort.

Item Info

The reason why youa€™ll like Amelie.

  • Changes to suit multiple swelling
  • Lightweight main was steady and versatile
  • Will compliment a little, one half orthotic
  • Lacing toward toe offers a tremendously adjustable suit
  • Cushioned elastic lining for additional convenience
  • Diabetic-friendly unless encouraged in order to prevent open-toed designs

Care Instructions

Protecting nubuck sneakers

  • I encourage you on a regular basis heal nubuck sneakers with footwear guard to safeguard they from liquids and protect well from discolorations.

Washing & taking care of nubuck shoes

  • Keeping nubuck looking good I encourage utilizing a suede/nubuck clean. A cleaning block is useful for the removal of any scars.
  • In case the boots become moist permit them to dry normally. Dona€™t place them when you look at the airing cupboard or near a fire or radiator. Stuffing them with newspaper or tissue will help assure they uphold their particular profile whilst drying out.

Just click here in regards to our footwear maintenance systems.

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Product Functions

6E Extra Roomy Fitting

The womena€™s kinds is a 6E circumference suitable. These are typically specially made to compliment most wide or swollen ft consequently they are wider, much deeper and roomier than everything from the high-street.

Flexible Bottoms

Flexible Polyurethane soles were highly durable leading them to considerably suitable for effective people and those who are generally frustrating on the shoes.

Suited to orthotics

This style is deep sufficient to support shaped insoles or orthotics.

Diabetic Welcoming

Products that showcase the diabetic friendly logo design are generally suitable for utilize by people who has all forms of diabetes but even as we commonly health vendors be sure to make sure this product would work to suit your individual goals.

Healthy Footwear Instructions

Cosyfeet were people in the Healthy shoes instructions. This really is a venture between UK footwear companies and base medical researchers. They highlights the importance of putting on healthy, safe sneakers. View here to find out more.

A refresh of one’s common Amy sandal, this flattering style is supporting and incredibly adjustable, so that it suits a selection of swelling. In addition it meets a somewhat slimmer back whilst fastens high-up the feet. The language smartly disguises puffiness and prevents the laces looking in, although the comfortable, cushioned footbed and elastic, padded elastane liner add to the total comfort.


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    • 4.3 In Jewelpet Sunlight
    • 4.4 In Jewelpet Kiraa?†Deco!
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Amelie are a Djungarian hamster with a grey human body and end, a darker gray stripe at the top of the lady head, green paws and a white abdomen. The girl Jewel attention are available out of purple amethysts. For her clothing, she wears a pair of green ribbons around all of the woman ears and a pink pearl necklace with a purple diamond-shaped amethyst jewel attached around their neck.

In Jewelpet, her ribbons come to be dark-green after she actually is corrupted by Dian.

Charms Kind

Amelie’s Jewel charms was eco-friendly and hexagon-shaped with purple heart-shaped amethyst jewels embellished into it and it has red lining.


In accordance with the formal website, Amelie try portrayed as a depressed maiden that’s desiring true love.

In Jewelpet, she is primarily kind-hearted and lively.

In Jewelpet Twinklea?†, she’s called an individual who is good at sarcasm.


Because the Jewelpet of ties, Amelie’s secret could make ties between two people and keep their unique partnership protected. In the 1st series, she can also establish links between babies/toddlers as well as their parents.


In Jewelpet

Amelie is a part with the Jewel Eight. In occurrence 34, Dian curses the girl into making individual kids change against their moms and dads. She is in the course of time reclaimed by Rinko’s class through a race inside Jewel Games.

In Jewelpet Twinklea?†

Amelie is the companion of Angelina large Maniel Chocola Julliangeli, and antagonizes Ruby, Garnet, and Sapphie. She considers Sapphie as the woman biggest competitor.

In Jewelpet Sun

Amelie was a pirate chief referred to as chief Amethyst, and she is assigned with guarding the Rainbow Jewel .

In Jewelpet Kiraa?†Deco!

Amelie are caught in haven town , a wilderness community that hates gems. She serves Goriking as his personal maid until this woman is saved by Ruby along with her pals.

In Jewelpet Happiness

Amelie attends the xmas celebration when you look at the Jewelpet CafA© glee which eventually forms a miracle Gem of her own.

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